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Frequently Asked Questions
How will social media benefit my business?
Consumers are turning more and more frequently to peer recommendations when making purchasing decisions. Recent surveys have found that 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations when buying a product, compared to 14% who buy based on advertising. So what does that have to do with social media? Facebook is now the world’s largest online platform for making and sharing peer recommendations.
How does social marketing differ from traditional advertising?
To become an effective social media marketer, you need to brand yourself as a thought leader for your audience. Avoid direct marketing that encourages people to buy (except on a limited basis), and focus instead on providing fun and interesting content that relates to your business. No more than 20% of your content should be self-promotional.
Should I share content from sources outside of SendOutCards?
Absolutely. The power of social media comes when you become an information source for all things related to your business. Although you should include content and links that draw attention to SendOutCards products, don’t be afraid to venture outside those products and offer general tips related to health, exercise, beauty and nutrition. This is the philosophy SendOutCards’ service will employ on your behalf.
Will SendOutCards’ social media service help me grow my team?
As you know, direct selling is a relationship business. Social media is just one way of sharing information. You will still need to find people to drive to your Facebook page and blog. Once those people are there, they can explore your content, share that content with others in their network. This process may generate some leads.
Frequently asked questions for call center personnel about the SendOutCards Facebook service.
How do I get to my business page?
There are two ways to access your new business page. The first is to search for your business page in Facebook’s search bar. Once it appears in the drop-down menu, simply click on it. The second way is to click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. Your business page will appear as the first item down
Why is my business page connected to my personal page?
Facebook requires that every business page be anchored to a personal page. Your personal page will not be visible to readers who LIKE your business page. It will simply be attached to your personal page for administrative reasons.
Can I add something to my page?
Yes. Even though you are subscribed to SendOutCards’ Facebook Service, you still have administrative rights to your page. You can post content, change photos and add applications as you see fit.
How do I post content to my business page wall?
Simple. You would post the same way that you post on your personal page. Go to you business page, click on the status update field beneath your profile picture and start typing. You will have the option to upload photos and videos as well.
Do the posts go to my personal page?
No. You would need to share them yourself. You can do this by pressing the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of each post on your business page.
How many posts will I get a week?
Three. We will post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Will all my content link to SendOutCards products and materials?
No. Social media marketing is different than other types of marketing. We want to make sure that you have a diverse stream of content that refers back to SendOutCards’ page no more than 40% of the time. You will see a variety of content sources that contain inspirational and thought-provoking content.
How do I become an administrator on my page?
You will be granted administrative rights within 24 hours of signing up for the service. However, you must complete one step to make that happen. You must add SendOutCards Connect as a friend on Facebook. You can do this by searching for SendOutCards Connect in the search bar. When it appears in the drop-down menu, select SendOutCards Connect and press ‘Add Friend.’ We will then accept the friend request and make you an admin.
How do I load my profile picture?
Hover your cursor over the profile picture. An option will appear that allows you to click a link for ‘Edit profile picture.’ You would then select the link ‘upload photo,’ which will allow you to pick a photo from your computer to use for the profile pic.
How do I change my cover photo?
Hover your cursor over the cover photo. An option will appear that allows you to click a link for ‘Change Cover Photo.’ You will then have the option to upload a new photo, or select one that is already in the system.
Will the Facebook Service delete anything on my existing business page?
No. The Facebook Service will not delete any existing content or graphics on your Facebook page.
What if I connected the wrong business page?
We can change that, but the issue will take approximately 24 hours to resolve. To make this change successful, we need the following information: Your name, the name of the business page that was connected incorrectly, and the name of the page you would like us to connect our service to. A member of our team will then reach out to you to walk you through the change-over process.
How do I change the “about me” section?
Simply click on the word ‘About’ beneath your profile picture. This will allow you to change all of the personal information on your page.
Can I change the name of my business?
Yes. You can change the name of your business until you have 200 LIKEs. To do this, click on the ‘Settings’ button at the top of your screen. Now click ‘Page Info.’ You will see the name of your business about half-way down the page. Simply change that name to make it appear on your page. Within 24 hours, Facebook will make your page searchable by that name.
How do I invite my friends to my business page?
Simply go to the ‘Build Audience’ button at the top of your page. Click on ‘Invite friends.’ Before you start clicking on friends to invite, press the button that says ‘Recent Interactions.’ This will allow you to select all friends, instead of just those with whom you have had a recent interaction. Once that step is complete, start clicking on friends to invite and hit submit. An invitation will be sent to their Facebook page.
Are there other ways to build my audience?
Yes! The ‘Build Audience’ button also allows you to Share a post on your personal page or invite email contacts from an existing mail service or from an excel or .csv file.
When I click on ‘Build Audience,’ only the email option appears. Why?
Because you need to be using Facebook as your personal page. Go back to your personal page and search for your business page using the Facebook search bar. This time when you pull up your business page, you will see your name in the upper right-hand corner. Now try clicking on the ‘Build Audience’ tab. You should see all of the options.
How do I grow my LIKES?
The first step is to invite your friends using one of the tools — invite friends, share your page, upload email contacts — listed above. The next step is to share content periodically on your personal Facebook page. This will increase the reach of your content. Other strategies include putting your Facebook url on your business cards, creating a social media icon on your website and sending out an email to your friends, family and associates inviting them to LIKE your page.
Why can’t I see my apps?
It may be because you are using a mobile phone or tablet. Facebook does not support tabs on mobile devices. If you are using a desktop computer, you may need to scroll down a bit farther. You should see them in the left-hand column. (You can also access them through the menu bar below your cover image by clicking ‘More.’ This will show all the apps on your page.)
How does someone sign up though my Facebook page?
They would sign up by clicking the Opportunity and pressing the button ‘Get Started.’ Your Associate ID will auto-populate with the signup form.
What do I do if my distributor number isn’t showing up when people click on ‘Get Started’ under my tabs?
This is an issue we will need to resolve technologically. It will take approximately 24 hours to resolve while we insert the Associate ID into the coding of the tabs.
What size of photos do I need for profile, cover and posts?
Profile Pic – 180x180 pixels; Cover Photo – 851x315 pixels; Posts – 403x403 pixels
Frequently asked questions for call center personnel about the SendOutCards Mobile service.
What is the SendOutCards Mobile site?

SendOutCards Mobile is a miniature website that will adapt to any mobile platform, whether it is a SmartPhone or iPad. It contains five major elements: 1) A live blog feed consisting of text and pictures, 2) An email capture tool that can be used to create a robust monthly email campaign, 3) A contact page with your name, email address and phone number, 4) Social icons to connect with other channels such as Facebook, and 5) An advertising slot for SendOutCards causes.
Can I use SendOutCards Mobile site as my website?

Yes. The Mobile site is accessible on a desktop computer, as well as on a mobile device.
What will SendOutCards post on my page?

SendOutCards has enlisted the help of a professional writing team to produce blog content on topics ranging from cards and gifts to inspiration and business building. You will receive two blogs each month.
Can I publish my own blog content?

Not at this time. Sorry.
Can I suggest blog topics?

Absolutely. Our professional writing team is continually looking for topics that would engage readers. Please send any recommendations to support@social.sendcere.net
What happens when I add someone’s email address to the Mobile site?

Presto! Within 15-30 seconds, SendOutCards Mobile will deploy a bounce-back email. This email will contain a welcome message, an introductory video and links to your social media channels. The email address will then be added to your contact list for a monthly email campaign.
How often will SendOutCards send an email on my behalf?

Once a month! SendOutCards will send out a short email consisting of a conversational message, an interesting blog and links to your social channels.
What do I have to do to send out my email?
Nothing. Your job is to build up your contact list. SendOutCards will take care of the rest. Its team of professional writers will put together an email and deploy it on your behalf.
How do I add contacts to my monthly email campaign?
There are two ways to add email contacts to the system. 1) You can add them directly to the email capture tool on SendOutCards Mobile. Each time your enter an address, it will deploy an automatic email, or 2) you can send them to support@social.sendcere.net. Please send them in an Excel or .csv file. These addresses will be added to your contact list. There will be no bounceback email, but they will receive the next monthly email.
How can I extract email addresses from SendOutCards Mobile site?

Simply send us an email at support@social.sendcere.net. In that email, please provide your name, the name of your business and a simple explanation of what you’re looking for: Email contacts.
Is there a shortcut for viewing SendOutCards Mobile site on my phone?

Yes! When you visit your mobile site for the first time, click the menu icon at the bottom of your screen (marked with arrow leading out of a box). You will be given the option to add the page to your home screen. This will allow you single-touch access to your Mobile site.
What do I do if I think SendOutCards’ service is totally awesome?

Tell your friends! The secret to social media is being social. The more you can grow your online network, the more you can grow your business.